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Paragliding in Corsica

    Dear paragliding friends, welcome to Corsica! Divided between sea and mountains, the Island of beauty offers an incredible playground for free flight lovers. Paragliding in Corsica is also a way to discover the island differently for locals and tourists.

    Through this article I will give you the main information to make your paragliding experience in Corsica, a magical moment!

    I will cover several useful topics, whether you are a paraglider or not:

    Where to do a paragliding tandem flight in Corsica

    Here is a small idea of what it can be if you are in the region of Ajaccio 😉

    Whether you are in Haute Corse or in South Corsica, you have the possibility to realize a paragliding experience! It’s a good news, isn’t it?

    First of all, you need to know what a paragliding experience is. Briefly, it is a sensational moment (I weigh my words) which lasts approximately 20 minutes during which you will take off with a professional graduate of state! Equipped with a tandem paraglider, the two of you will take off and fly through the air, between the sea on one side and the mountains on the other. It is from 5 years old, without age limit.

    Now that things are clear, let’s see in detail the different structures that offer paragliding lessons in Corsica, and how much it costs on average.

    Paragliding tandem flight in Haute Corse

    To realize a paragliding experience in Haute Corse, you will have to go to the west coast near Calvi. Located at 2h15 from Bastia, you will find a multi-activity structure which supervises paragliding in Calvi.

    Here is the information to realize a paragliding experience in Calvi or in the Gulf of Saint Florent.

    Altore Parapente : The structure offers different formulas from April to October. You can choose between :

    • Discover flight : 20min / 90€
    • Sensation or thermal flight : 30min / 130€
    • Adding a video : +25€.

    You must contact them by phone to make an appointment (3 to 5 days before).

    • Tabdem flight in Calvi / Ile Rousse : +33 6 08 72 67 19
    • Tandem flight in Saint Florent : +33 6 88 21 49 16

    If you wish to realize a paragliding experience in Bastia, you will have to turn to paramotor. Indeed, there is no adequate structure in this sector. If you are interested in the idea, you can contact :

    After all this, I guarantee you that you will never see the landscape in the same way again! You will have realized a dream common to many people: to fly!

    Parapente en Corse du Sud

    Tandem Flight in Corse du Sud

    To realize a paragliding experience in South Corsica, then you will have more choices.

    To do so, you will have to go near Ajaccio. Depending on the weather, several sites are possible:

    • Sea side with San Bastiano (30 min walk) or Pévani
    • On the mountain side with the sites of Monte Gozzi, Tavera and Vero.

    Here are the structures that offer paragliding experiences in Ajaccio and nearby.

    Coccin’ailes Parapente : It is a paragliding school which proposes different formulas for paragliding jumps in Ajaccio, near the site of Véro to be exact.

    • Starts at 85€ for a discover flight (around 10 minutes)
    • Other formulas available (see the site) on the other spots mentioned above.

    Corsica Adventure : The structure Corsica adventure proposes various activities of which the paragliding. From 85€, you can go to the San Bastiano pass for an exceptional flight. Count about 30 minutes of walking to reach the pass. Yes, this flight must be earned ;).

    Au fil de l’Air : With professionals specialized in tandem flights in Corsica, take off from 85€ for a discovery flight. Other formulas are of course available. Visit the site to learn more.

    How to learn paragliding in Corsica?

    To learn paragliding in Corsica, you will have to go back to school 😉

    Indeed the learning of this activity passes by the box “course”. To get information on the different paragliding courses, you can read the article I wrote on the subject. Shortly, there are different levels of paragliding courses between beginners and advanced. For each course, you will have to study a practical part and a theoretical part. It’s a bit like passing a pilot’s license ;).

    Now that you know almost everything, let’s see which paragliding schools are in Corsica.

    Paysage Corse du Sud en parapente
    What solo flights bring you in terms of view !

    Paragliding schools in Haute Corse

    If you are looking for a paragliding school near Bastia, then you have 2 possibilities.

    You can contact the Piu-Altu school-club. You have to join the club to follow the training. From initiation to improvement and cross country, you will be supervised by volunteer instructors until you obtain your pilot’s license. You will need to contact them to find out the cost (on average 500€-600€) of the training.

    Club Ecole Più Altu

    Email :
    Phone : +336 51 31 78 32

    Cime’Ale : It is the other club school in the South of Bastia. The club is in charge of the management of a school slope and was the first paragliding school in Corsica. From 12 years old, federal instructors can train you from initiation to improvement. To learn paragliding in the south of Bastia, you can contact them.

    Website :
    Email :

    Paragliding schools in Corse du Sud

    Learning to paraglide in South Corsica is like learning to paraglide in Ajaccio. As all the flight sites in South Corsica are located near the city, either on the sea side or on the mountain side.

    There is only one paragliding school in Ajaccio. It is the school named Coccin’ailes. Here is a summary of the services offered:

    • 5 days course / 610€ with equipment loan. The objective will be to make your first solo flights!
    • Progression / performance course over 5 days / 610€ with equipment loan. The objective will be to acquire AUTONOMY!

    You can consult the schedule of courses on the site.

    Paragliding spots in Corsica

    Here is all the information I got from the different official flight sites in Corsica. You have to know that the sites are managed by the local clubs (I have put the info here). I strongly advise you to contact them to have detailed information. Especially since on some sites, airspace regulations are in force (CTR and TMA of Bastia and Ajaccio airports).

    Paragliding sites in Haute Corse near Bastia, managed by Cime’Ale and Più-Altu

    Paragliding spots in Corse du Sud

    Spot of Cervione / Scubiccia

    Take off access of Cervione / Scubiccia :

    By car : from Cervione, go up to the top of the village and follow the path to the chapel by car for 20 minutes. Park next to the chapel, the deco is right next door.

    Take off informations : Cervione Scubiccia

    Pilot level to take offPioupiou friendly for morning and late afternoon flights.
    Scubiccia is a thermal spot, from 10-11h, the take-off is reserved for confirmed pilots from then on.
    Types of flightsTHERMAL / CROSS DEPARTURE
    Take off altitude750m
    Altitude difference with landing600m
    Source Cime’Ale

    Spot of Cervione / Déco sud

    Access to the south take-off of Cervione :

    By car : from Cervione, go up to the top of the village and follow the path to the chapel by car for 20 minutes. Park next to the chapel. From there, take the path that goes south-east (1/4h walk) to reach the take-off point.

    Take off informations: Cervione :

    Pilot level to take offPioupiou friendly for morning and late afternoon flights.
    Scubiccia is a thermal spot, from 10-11h, the take-off is reserved for confirmed pilots from then on .
    Types of flights THERMAL / CROSS DEPARTURE
    Take off altitude800m
    Altitude difference with landing 650m
    Source Cime’Ale

    Landing at Cervione

    The landing of Cervione is a large field at the edge of the road, on the left while going up on the D71. You will find a windsock and a sign.
    If you want to extend the flight, you can also land at the slope-school of the Valle di Campoloro, almost at the edge of the road between Moriani-Plage and Prunete.

    Find all the GPS coordinates of the flight sites managed by the Cieme’Ale club here

    Spot of TOX / Chapelle Santa Brigada

    15km south of Cervione, you will find the site of TOX, at the Santa Brigada chapel.

    Take off access of TOX :

    By car : Take the road D16 towards the village of TOX. Just before the village, take the runway towards Santa Brigada chapel. The take-off is right next to it.

    Take off informations TOX:

    Pilot level to take offQuite technical, short take-off distance
    Types of flights THERMAL / CROSS DEPARTURE
    Take off altitude 480m
    Altitude difference with landing 300m
    Source FFVL / Cime’Ale

    Landing at TOX

    The landing of Tox is a big field, below the deco where there is an old water mill, the mill of “Granaju”. A road makes a right angle in front of the field, which is accessed through a gate.
    You can also land in one of the two large, slightly sloping fields along the road, almost below the take-off, at the intersection of the D42 and D16 roads, after a small path.


    Quite a technical site at Cap Corse, at Barettali to be exact, north of Bastia. Only fly there in a breeze (= no wind).

    Take off access of Cap Corse / Birout’Ale:

    By car (source Cime’Ale) :

    By car : On the D133, coming from Conchigliu, at the level of Barrettali (no visible house), take on the left at the junction. Then, after 100 meters, at the foot of an ochre stone house, take the dirt road, always on the left, until the TV relay. There, turn right and continue the track for about 7 minutes. Parking on the left at the crest.
    Take-off at 1 mn on foot on the track of Suaghjola.

    Take off informations Birout’Ale / Cap Corse:

    Orientations OKSOUTH WEST / WEST
    Pilot level to take offQuite technical, only in a breeze
    Types of flights DYNAMIC
    Take off altitude 520m
    Altitude difference with landing 400m
    Source FFVL / Cime’Ale

    Landing at Cap Corse

    The landing of the Cap Corse is located at the Marine de Giottani. GPS info here : Landing Cap Corse
    You have to land facing the sea.

    Spot of TEGHJIME

    This site is managed by the club of Più-Altu. It is also and especially a slope school known under the name of VACCAJA. The flight on this site is exclusively dynamic (East regime) and the rest at the deco is compulsory!

    Take off access of VACCAJA / Site de TEGHJIME

    By car: To park at the carpark of the collar of Teghime. From there, access to the site on foot at 5mn from the parking. The track is forbidden to cars. Emergency position on the access track to the quarryà 5mn du parking. La piste est interdite aux voitures. Posé de secours sur la piste d’accès à la carrière.

    Take off informations Teghjime

    Pilot level to take offEASY
    Types of flights DYNAMIC
    Take off altitude 600m
    Altitude difference with landing 0m (repose au déco obligatoire ! )
    Source FFVL / Più-Altu

    Spot of PIGNU

    Superb site which makes it possible to benefit from the gulf of Saint Florent and the sight on the sea on both sides of the Cape Corsica!

    Take off access of Pignu:

    By car : From Bastia, take the direction of the Teghjime pass. 500m before the pass, take the road to the right until the antennas of Pignu. GPS point here.

    Take off informations PIGNU:

    Pilot level to take offEASY below 25km/h :p
    Types of flights THERMAL
    Take off altitude 900m
    Altitude difference with landing 850m
    Source FFVL / Più-Altu

    Landinf at Pignu

    The landing of Pignu is a large field located near the D81. Here is the point GPS.

    Spot of MONTE ROSSI

    This take-off site is located next to the VACCAJA school slope. It is therefore subject to the same orientation and regulations as this one. Please refer to the information described above on the site of VACCAJA.


    Take off access of Véro Tartavello :

    By car : The spot is located north of Ajaccio. From Ajaccio, take the T22 (D193) to the village of Vero. From Vero, take the road D4 which leads directly to the takeoff of Tartavello. You will pass by the Accrobranche park and then turn right towards the Tartavello pass. You will find the take off at the foot of the antennas.

    Take off informations Tartavello :

    Orientations OKAll orientations if low wind.
    Otherwise WEST / SOUTH WEST
    Orientations NOKEAST / SOUTH EAST
    Pilot level to take offCONFIRMED PILOTS, the deco is short and requires ease of inflation. The breeze is strong in the afternoon
    Types of flights THERMAL / CROSS DEPARTURE
    Take off altitude 880m
    Altitude difference with landing 500m
    Source Lucif’Air

    Landing at Vero

    The Vero landing is located in front of the bar (see photo). It is forbidden to land along the road

    Spot of SAN BASTIANO

    Take off access of San Bastiano :

    By feet : The access to the take-off is mainly on foot. Count 20/30 minutes of walking. From the village of Appietto, park at the fountain, then take the alley on the right until the small square. Then take the steep path on the right of the “castle” which starts at the highest point of the village at the place called Chiosello..             

    Take off informations San Bastiano:

    Orientations OKAll orientations
    Better with NORTH / NORTH WEST / SOUTH
    Orientations NOK none
    Pilot level to take offEASY / NOT BEFORE 3PM
    Types of flights DYNAMIC
    Take off altitude 680m
    Altitude difference with landing 300m
    Source Lucif’Air

    Landing at San Bastiano

    The landing of San Bastiano is a large field located in front of the bar “U listincu” which serves as a meeting place for the shuttles.

    Spot of MONTE GOZZI

    Take off access of Monte Gozzi :

    By car : The access to the takeoff is from the village of Appietto. Follow the road in the direction of the Saint Cyr chapel. Park at the chapel’s parking lot and follow the path that leads to the takeoff. Possibility to go up on foot from the village of Appietto, count 20/30 minutes of walking.

    Take off informations MONTE GOZZI:

    Orientations OKSOUTH
    Pilot level to take offCONFIRMED PILOTS in summer, thermal conditions. Take off before 11H.
    In winter, easy take-off, take-off at any time.
    Take off altitude 630m
    Altitude difference with landing 300m
    Source Lucif’Air

    Source Lucif’Air

    Landing at Monte Gozzi

    The landing of Monte Gozzi is located below the deco, in the plain. You will find a large field accessible just below.
    You can also rest at the deco, behind the chapel.

    Spot of TOLLA

    Take off access of Tolla :

    By car: The Tolla take-off is located on the ridges east of Punta San Petru. It is accessible from the runway starting from Tolla.

    By feet : a footpath starts from Peri or Cuttoli-Corticchiato. Count 2h30 of walking..

    Spot of VIZZAVONA

    Take off access of Vizzavona :

    By car : The access to the take-off is done by taking the road T20 which goes up to the pass of Vizzavona and the commune of Bocognano. Take a path and walk 10 minutes to reach the take-off.

    Vizzavona take-off

    Landing at Vizzavona

    The landing of Vizzavona can be done at the landing site or below along the railroad (see photo)

    Paragliding clubs in Corsica

    If you are looking for a paragliding club in Corsica, then you have found it 😉

    If you are on vacation and are looking for information about flying on site, it is always good to contact them. Also, if you have just arrived in Corsica to live there, you will benefit from an accelerated integration process!

    Here are the 4 paragliding clubs in Corsica.

    Clubs inHaute Corse

    Più Altu

    Located in Haute Corse, Più Altu is the paragliding club of Bastia. Not only can you learn paragliding and progress, but you can also participate in the various outings of the club :

    • Flights on site : Pignu, Teghjime / Vaccaja, Monti Rossi
    • Discovery tandem: for members and people interested in doing a lesson
    • Hike and fly

    All infos here
    Website :
    Phone : +336 51 31 78 32


    Another school club in the South of Bastia. The club manages the sites of Scubiccia and Deco Sud (in Cervione), as well as Tox and Birout’Ale (Cap Corse). More information in the “spots” section.

    To fly in the Costa Verde region, this is the club to contact!

    All infos her :
    Website :
    Email :

    Clubs in Corse du Sud


    Located in South Corsica, it is the paragliding club of Ajaccio. Like Più Altu, it is also a school club. The motto of the club “By east wind, at the bar you stay! I rather agree, and then there is not only paragliding in life ;). At Lucif’air, you will find paragliders to fly mainly on the sites of San Bastiano and Véro. Here are some of the activities proposed :

    • Flights to sites and organized shuttles
    • Occasional trips to other sites in Corsica
    • Paragliding lessons
    • Discovery tadem flights
    • Organization of the Clementine Cup: friendly gathering of paragliders in Corsica.

    All infos here
    Website :
    For more general information, contact Momo at 06 30 48 57 35 or Robert at 06 12 35 14 60


    This is the other paragliding club in Ajaccio. To find company to fly in the area, the club members meet every day (flyable) at the bar “la Mezzana”. I strongly advise you to contact them to get information about the sites around. You will surely be able to take advantage of a shuttle at the same time!

    All infos here :
    Website :
    Franck Padovani : 06 11 98 28 96
    Guy Bayle : 06 80 99 33 07

    Hike and Fly in Corsica

    Corsica is full of magnificent hikes between sea and mountains. And we won’t even talk about the emblematic GR20 !
    If you plan to leave with your wing on your back, to conquer the Corsican mountains, don’t forget to take water :P, it will be your best friend !

    Now, concerning the most beautiful flights to be realized in Corsica, I will invite you to contact the clubs to get information according to the region where you are. At the time of writing this article, I am not yet familiar with the subject but the project is underway. I plan to document this part after a trip to Corsica soon.

    In the meantime, you can also be inspired by these nice videos… Have a good flight !

    Cross country paragliding in Corsica

    Doing a cross country paragliding in Corsica will literally blow your mind! In addition to enjoying generous thermals almost all year round, you will also fly over the scrubland, the sea and the mountains in a single flight! Breathtaking landscapes are offered to you. However, you will have to be careful because the aerology in Corsica can be very strong with “alpine” conditions and strong breezes in summer.

    To fly in Corsica, it is also necessary to pay particular attention to the airspace. Indeed, Upper Corsica is subject to the CTR of Bastia airport and its various TMAs, and Southern Corsica is subject to the CTR of Ajaccio airport and its various TMAs.

    Here are the infos :

    Moreover, I strongly advise you to talk to the locals and the clubs who will be more likely to inform you about the different possibilities of cross country flying according to the weather of the day. Indeed, meetings are organized every day when it is possible to fly. It’s the opportunity to know more about it 😉

    To warm up, here is a nice cross between Monte Cintu – Rotondu – Punta Artica – Incudine.

    135km en triangle

    Haute-Corse : Starting from Scubiccia

    As we use to say, beware of the eyes, it’s not for the mickeys ;). Once again, it’s to visualize the routes and give ideas. Be sure to check the conditions of the day.

    More tracks here :

    Corse du Sud : Starting from Vero

    Vero is the ideal starting spot for a cross country paragliding in South Corsica. Many possibilities are offered to you in direction of the North, by making the turn of the valley, by leaving towards the South, etc. Below are some routes from Véro that can give you ideas.

    Valley roud

    From North to South

    More tracks here :