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Practical information

How to proceed to learn paragliding ? I explain you everything !

Faire un stage de parapente
Baptême de parapente à Annecy

Practical information

Differences between all tandem flights

Because flying is a dream that is no longer inaccessible! Discover the formula that suits you.

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Paragliding in Saint Hilaire du Touvet

All you need to know about the spot !

Quelle tenue pour le parapente-visuel HP

What to wear when paragliding?

Better to be too hot than too cold!

Faire du parapente à Annecy

Paragliding in Annecy, follow the guide

All the practical information for a trip to Annecy.

All the info on paragliding! It’s convenient, isn’t it?

  • Would you like to do a first flight? An internship? Among all the offers proposed, which one is the most suitable for you? I will try to guide you like a sky marshal!
  • You want to go to a particular spot and need info? Just to plan the trip, to visualize the flight and leave with a light heart? I will try to give you some leads to facilitate your preparation. Then we’ll see about the takeoff runways 😉
  • You’re looking for cross country ideas? Got the idea but looking for info? To go further, higher, we can rely on a great community. I’ll try to connect you.
  • Looking for a hike-and-fly topo? I’ve tried to compile a few to help you find your way, and discover new playgrounds!

Find guides, tips, general information, hike and fly topos, cross country ideas. After all, don’t forget to enjoy as much as you can !

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