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Does it fly in Annecy?

Find all the weather information for paragliding in Annecy and the conditions in real time.

If you are looking for information about the weather for paragliding in Annecy, I have compiled below a summary of links that may interest you. You will find links allowing you to visualize several different weather conditions in real time or in forecast over several days. Here are the details :

  • Soptair : This site allows you to observe the wind beacons in the Annecy area (and everywhere in France) as well as the webcams in the surroundings. In the advanced settings, you also have access to a lot of useful information for paragliding and other mountain sports (but especially paragliding :)) : flight sites / airspace / avalanche risks / etc. Spotair is the essential tool to check the conditions in real time!
  • Windy: Here you can see the wind information on the day. If you click on a city (example Bluffy), you will have the weather forecast in Bluffy on several days 😉
  • Météoblue : It is calibrated on the Col de la Forclaz and gives you the weather forecast on 3 days. To know that Meteoblue is a very complete application / website for weather analysis. You can analyze several weather models, emagrams, webcams on some spots, etc.
  • Météociel : On this site, what is interesting to observe are the wind forecasts at different altitude levels. Here calibrated on the “high altitude” model, what you have to remember is that ZXXX corresponds to the atmospheric pressure and that it is translatable in altitude reference (m). We can thus translate as such :
    • Z850 = 1500m
    • Z800 = 2000m
    • Z700 = 3000m